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What is Chapfloss?

In an ideal world, you’d probably follow your dentist’s recommendation to floss more to help remove plaque and prevent gingivitis. But in the real world, either you don’t have floss when you need it or you forget. 

Chapfloss helps with both. With floss and lip balm in one dispenser, it’s easier to carry so you can floss when you need to. And, it serves as a gentle reminder.

It’s simple. If you have it you’ll use it.  If you don’t you won’t.


All natural coconut infused lip balm

We did the research and product testing to make the best lip balm available.

Breath freshening dental floss

Not only will it clean your teeth and help reduce dental visits, our floss freshens your breath as well.

Perfect smile on-the-go

Chapfloss is the first and only company to combine dental floss and all-natural lip balm in one solution.

Perfect Smile, Perfect Lips Every Time

Our groundbreaking product is made for men, women, and children. By combining a perfect, all-natural, coconut-infused lip balm with breath freshening dental floss, we provide the perfect on-the-go healthy smile solution.

No Matter Where You Are, Keep Your Lips & Teeth Healthy


Extensive market research went into product design, formulation, and implementation to ensure Chapfloss fit every lifestyle.  From the outdoor enthusiasts to the everyday business person, Chapfloss is the perfect solution for everyone.

Coconut Infused, Moisturizing, Perfection

Developing the ultimate lip balm was our mission and that mission has been completed. Chapfloss is the perfect, all-natural, coconut-infused, moisturizing, lip balm.

The original lip balm & dental floss solution

Coconut Infused lip balm

Lip balm that moisturizes with coconut oil without greasy lips

Fresh breath, fresh lips

The ultimate fresh breath solution from lips to teeth

Breath freshening dental floss

Smooth, breath freshening dental floss solution

The original, portable, mouth care solution

Lip balm designed to maintain perfect lips

We have designed the perfect lip balm to keep your lips healthy.

Breath freshening dental floss for removing food particles

We took dental floss to the next level, freshening breath and smiles.

All natural coconut infused lip balm

100% all natural coconut based lip balm that moisturizes.


User reviews


Fresno, CA

Amazing concept and product

This truly is an amazing product, I was expecting it to be just ok, but I was wrong.  The lip balm is not over greasy, does not wear off fast, and does smell and taste like coconut.  As far as the dental floss it glides very easy, and does have a pleasing mint flavor.  The overall design is impressive and durable as well.


Phoenix, AZ

Does what it says and then some

I am extremely OCD when it comes to my mouth, teeth, lips, etc.  This was the perfect solution for me.  The balm is great, floss is awesome, I never leave home without it.  Also I live in a warmer environment and dry out really fast, not with this product it lasts a very long time.