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Learn More About Chapfloss

“As a man living in San Diego, I’m outdoors a lot, and eating outdoors a lot. With a busy lifestyle, I always forget to floss and find it annoying when I might need lip balm and/or floss after every meal,” says founder Casey Kell on the inspiration behind the project. “Flossing to me is more than a daily chore, it’s “as needed” like blowing your nose.  I thought I could create something that would solve both these problems that could lie flat in your pocket and appeal to the mass market, plus take up less space in a purse.”

“After conducting a patent search, I realized nothing else like Chapfloss is on the market or has ever been invented before,” adds Kell. “Chapfloss is a first of its kind and we hope it will soon be found at every checkout aisle of your local grocery stores, convenient stores and major retailers, such as Target and Costco. We see broad marketing potential for this product and believe it will also be a great fit at dental offices and hotels.”